Fantasy/Dark Ambient music, combined with ethereal, operatic vocals.

Mira sources her inspiration from the worlds of fairy tales, mythology, fantasy and her deep connection to nature and its animal kingdom.

Currently based in Glastonbury UK (also known as “The Isle of Avalon”), one of the world’s most famous towns for music and art.

~ Journey to Music ~

Music has been her passion since she was a child (her mothers’ midwife said “this one will be a singer” when Mira was born and she couldn’t have been more right on that).
A good portion of Mira’s childhood was spent outdoors, obsessively listening to music on her swing.
Fast forward to her late teens, she went on to take vocal lessons and worked at a recording studio in Hamburg, Germany. Mira then went on to form a few bands and enjoyed playing gigs for some time before going solo. She also took courses in sound engineering and music production, enabling her to produce her music to her own visions.

~ From Fairy Tales to Serial Killers and Woods of Hope ~

Mira’s debut album “Woods of Hope” outlines many influences ranging from ethereal sound worlds and fairy tale themes to darker, haunting songs; one even including the tale of a serial killer. There is a balance of light and dark being explored.

~ Realm of the Unicorns~

This album was created with the purest intent and unicorn energies. Ambient, dreamy and meditative –

Mira used enchanting sound worlds and occasional, ethereal vocals to whisk away the listener to higher realms.

~ Collaborations ~

Mira was featured in FAE Magazine and also recently
collaborated with Peter Ulrich (former percussionist of Dead can Dance) on “Squaring the Circle”, which is featured on his latest album ”Final Reflections”.

~ Heart Armour 33 ~

An anthem for the broken hearted. This single is about self-empowerment and unleashing your inner warrior.

~ More than music ~

Another passion of Mira’s is creating magical pendants, made out of clay and crystals.Her love for conceptual photography projects and modelling have also lead to collaborations with fashion and jewellery designers world-wide.

~ “Nature sees you” ~

…is what a wonderful gorilla called Koko once said and her statement highly resonates with Mira and her ethics and influences.