Back on The Excurse!

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The lovely @dursproductions invited me back on his podcast! We talked about the story behind each track on “Curious Forest Spirits” and more! You can watch it on youtube below or listen wherever you like to tune in to podcasts.

Disciple of the Cloud – Official Music Video

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NEW Album “Curious Forest Spirits” is OUT NOW: Princess of Petal Gown and Unicorn Crown by Firefly Path Video (Tor footage) shot by Caeli Lohr, aka expLOHR: Edited by Durs Productions: Curious Forest Spirits album cover by Joseph Hunwick Photography

Unveiling the cover of “Curious Forest Spirits”

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*drumroll* It’s International Day of Forests – the perfect opportunity to share the album cover of “Curious Forest Spirits” with you! All tracks are now mixed and I’m just waiting for the masters to come back for CD duplication! My dear friend Jospeh Hunwick and I shot this in the magical Priddy Woods. You can […]

“Unicorn Dreaming”

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Here’s a little teaser clip of “Unicorn Dreaming”, the longest and one of the dreamiest tracks on “Curious Forest Spirits”! Do you like it? Are you excited for the new album to come out? Let’s chat in the comments below!  

“The Weeping Willow” King’s Quest 5 Cover song

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Here’s a special treat for you this Valentine’s – my little cover version of “The Weeping Willow” song, from my favourite Sierra game King’s Quest 5! This one is a piece of my heart (and childhood) and so very special to me. The willow tree in this story is actually an enchanted princess. And she […]

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