Fantasy/Dark Ambient music, combined with ethereal, haunting vocals.

Mira Morningstar is a vocalist, songwriter, music producer and model. A native of Germany, Mira emigrated to the UK, Glastonbury (also known as “The Isle of Avalon”), which is one of the world’s most famous towns for music, magic and art. 

Best known for her ethereal compositions and otherworldly vocals on her album Realm of the Unicorns, Mira’s listeners describe her music as dreamy, enchanting and relaxing.  

Mira appeared on the cover of the September 2020 issue of Shine your Lyght Magazine, including her collaboration with LA -based fantasy couture designer Firefly Path. Both Mira’s album and modelling work were also featured in the December 2019 issue of Fae Magazine. 

Mira’s recent collaboration features her vocals on Squaring the Circle, by Peter Ulrich (ex Dead can Dance, This Mortal Coil and The Peter Ulrich Collaboration).