Black Feather Lane

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Although I’m so fortunate to live in magical Glastonbury, I do miss the woods sometimes.

I don’t drive and haven’t been on public transport since the lockdowns in order to protect someone I live with…but this post isn’t about the virus at all, don’t worry!

It’s about a strange little adventure and following nature, which inspired a whole new song.

About a year ago, after being locked up inside and not leaving the house for three months (even shopping was done online), I really needed to get out. I didn’t care how long I’d have to walk, I was determined to find a wooded area. The idea was to hike to Butleigh Wood for some forest bathing…


So I packed my inventory:

Hiking boots ✔

Printout of a map ✔

Water ✔

Random crystals ✔

Caffeine ✔

Snacks ✔

Headphones and music ✔


The first creature I met on this adventure was this adorable black kitten:

I can’t get over how cute his little purple bow is.

Can you believe that at this point my map had already stopped making sense? And I had only walked for an hour so far!

Asking random people for directions was fruitless. Some had never even heard of Butleigh Wood. So I decided to follow nature’s creatures instead.

Nothing was going to stop me from forest bathing that day!

After following the kitten’s path for some time, I was exhausted from the heat and sat down to sip some water.

A bumble bee, moving from flower to flower caught my attention. Of course I followed him too.

And it was a good call that I did, since Mr Bumble Bee led me to this beautiful field!

Can you see the Glastonbury Tor in the far distance here?

Walking towards the trees in the distance, I suddenly found myself on a path surrounded by crow feathers…

And I heard them cawing everywhere! I think I walked with a murder for some time (and yes, I wish I took a photo of this too! It was all so surreal that I didn’t even think of it)

After following the crows for some time, I cried happy tears when I finally found this:

Forest bathing. Thank you nature and all its creatures for helping me find this place when google maps failed.

Altogether this little hike took seven hours, including the walk back home.

I still don’t know where Butleigh Wood is.

Maybe it’s in a different dimension because Google Maps sent me around in circles.

There was a lot of emotional stuff to process on this little adventure and it all made it into a song I call “Black Feather Lane”, which will be featured on my upcoming album.

I even recorded my own caws! Snu, my parrot companion taught me how a few years ago:

Have nature’s creatures ever taken you on adventures before?

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

Love and Unicorns,
Mira xxx


  • Giancarli says:

    Bonjour Mira déjà joli texte émouvant et oui qui nous transporte qui nous fait presque t’accompagner à la recherche de cette forêt merci de ton talent d’écriture et de photographie et oui les muses et compagnons tels ce chaton et ce bourdon c’est comme vraiment en ton royaume plein de magie telle celui de Lady Kildare Love and Unicorns my dear friend little big fairy

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Hi Christophe!

      So lovely to hear from you my magical friend!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this little adventure! I hope all is well in your world. And thank you so much for ordering one of my new mugs! Your support means the world to me!

      Sending much love and unicorn blessings your way,
      Mira xxx

  • Alan Barnard says:

    Thank you for yet another Beautiful Adventure , your writing takes you away and you find your self walking beside you . Your Music has the same effect it helps relax you and drift away to another world . As for the Unicorn Magic , I met a man through a friend of mine and when ever anyone asked what he did for a job he would tell them , I am a Unicorn Farmer on The dark side of the Moon . He knew all thing to do with growing feed , and you could not get a photo because that steels some of its Magic . So cheers and keep up the great work you make a Lot of people Very Happy .

    Happy travles and Stay Safe . Alan Barnard .

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Thank you for your beautiful comment, Alan! So glad to hear my little tale helped you drift away for a little while 🙂 That man sounds wonderful and exactly like the type of person you’d meet here in Glastonbury 🙂 Thank you for sharing. Stay safe my friend and take good care of yourself 🙂

  • Derek says:

    Hello Mira
    I have always enjoyed a good long walk.
    Sometimes down to a mere meander, other times striding along as if possessed by some strange spirit which is whisking me to who knows where.
    What I do know is the marvellous benefit that follows a good stroll wherever it may take me.
    The cawing of a crow was brilliant – too short that’s all.
    Many thanks for the downloads – I am looking forward to listening to them and then I will let you know my thoughts.
    I have not heard the expression “forest bathing” before but is something I will refer to from this point forward. I Love it.
    I wish you every success in your musical endeavours and look forward to sharing your progress.
    Take care – Be safe

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Hi Derek, the effects of a long walk are simply incredible! Forest bathing is a Japanese expression (shinrin-yoku) and the therapeutic act of spending time in a forest. I love this expression too 🙂
      Enjoy the downlaods and have a magical week!

  • Martin Jacques says:

    You are still pretty young Mira so seven miles is a pretty good stretch for you. I don’t think I could manage that much now being overweight and over 50! It’s amazing you put your trust in wildlife like that – you must have some hidden gift for shamanism or something!
    I love the crow noises btw. Don’t think I could do that either! I do like little walks to my local small town park where I sit and drink a soft drink and admire the palm trees and flowers usually in the last throes of sunshine during the late afternoon. But I don’t think this counts as ‘forest bathing’ though!

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Hi Martin! It was actually a seven hour walk in total. I definitely felt it at the end of the day 😀 We’re all connected and it’s amazing what happens when you listen to wildlife and your intuition. I’m positive you could learn to caw too – it’s a little like gargling 🙂 Your late afternoon walks sound magical and I’m glad to hear you’re connecting with nature!

  • Pete says:

    you really are such a free spirit. seven miles is a good walk and it looked to be a gorgeous day. hearing you caw at the end bought a smile to an otherwise miserable face and for that I thank you. I do walk a lot but just follow anything random not always animals. Thanks for cheering me up .Pete

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      So happy to hear this post made you smile, Pete! 🙂 It was a seven hour walk, so I’m unsure how many miles that would have been…but it was worth it 🙂
      Nothing quite compares to following random things or animals on a walk, right? It’s an adventure every time.

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