“The Weeping Willow” King’s Quest 5 Cover song


Here’s a special treat for you this Valentine’s – my little cover version of “The Weeping Willow” song, from my favourite Sierra game King’s Quest 5! This one is a piece of my heart (and childhood) and so very special to me. The willow tree in this story is actually an enchanted princess. And she […]

Happy Solstice!


Happy Solstice and holiday season, my dear friends! As the days are getting longer, may we live through much, much brighter times! So another crazy year is coming to an end – I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! A lot of us have lost loved ones, others are simply exhausted with the […]

Meadow Walk in Avalon


If you’re into quirky, magical places, you might have heard of a little town called Glastonbury (located near the festival by the same name) – or Avalon. as many of us here like to call it. Known for its ancient and medieval sites and Arthurian legend, the Glastonbury Tor and surrounding nature have been a […]

Swings and Music

Dreamer on a swing


Once upon a time there was a little girl, relentlessly listening to music on her walkman, going back and forth on her garden swing. This was her safe place – away from the bullies at school. The act of listening to music, combined with the pendulum-movement of swinging, whilst simultaneously taking in the stunning views […]