Disciple of the Cloud – Official Music Video

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NEW Album “Curious Forest Spirits” is OUT NOW:


Princess of Petal Gown and Unicorn Crown by Firefly Path

Video (Tor footage) shot by Caeli Lohr, aka expLOHR:


Edited by Durs Productions:


Curious Forest Spirits album cover by Joseph Hunwick Photography



  • Christophe says:

    Bonjour Mira
    Merci pour la vidéo et la vente du cd que je vais t’acheter dès que possible
    Bref je suis impressionné par le niveau atteint de ta voix
    Bien à toi avec succès cordialement
    Christophe xxx

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Aww thank you Christophe! I’m so happy you like this video and song! 🙂 xxx

  • Pete says:

    Mira your music takes me to another place where all the hurt and pain goes away. Thank you Pete

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Bless you Pete, so happy to hear these tunes offer some escapism for you <3

  • Mark Bradley says:

    Beautiful and relaxing, I love it!

  • Tony says:

    This is so beautiful Mira, your beautiful angelic voice, beautiful music, beautiful song, beautiful setting, beautiful video and you also look so beautiful! 🌿🎶🦄💜

  • Martin Jacques says:

    Love the video and the song. They work well together with the shots of the clouds panning in sometimes. And I like the setting of Glastonbury Tor because it reminds me of happy days spent there in the past, including with my Mum and Dad and their little spaniel who used to run and run over the Tor!

    Also, I should mention your pretty New Romantic dress – it’s so cool and classically early 80s!

    Well done with the whole package – song and video, which are so sublime and continue to entertain us. You transport us away to the Land of Avalon that’s for sure!

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Thank you so much Martin, so happy you enjoyed this video so much!
      The dress was created by the lovely fantasy couture designer Firefly Path and I wore it as part of our collaboration. Walking up the Tor in this work of art was an adventure in itself! 🙂

  • Ron Calam says:

    Very Nice song and Video.
    I love it.
    Ron Calam.

  • Graham RU Bland says:

    My kind of vibe.
    Love it!

  • Dave Dyment says:

    That’s a beautiful song and perfectly matched video. I could feel my body releasing dopamine as I listened, relaxed and enjoyed it. You should feel proud.

  • lizza Francis says:

    That’s so beautiful my son he 5 months old I just played this and he gone sleep it so relaxing

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Aww that’s incredible, thank you for sharing and I’m glad it helped him slip into dreamland 🙂

  • Kris says:

    This is awesome..
    The blend of stirring and gently dramatic sounds and your gentle yet authoritative voice work really well together. It reminds me of spring time and how everything is gently stirring and coming back to life in nature. The video is really fitting, I could easily picture myself laying in a forest looking up at the clouds

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Thank you so much Kris! I feel Rich @dursproductions did an incredible job editing this video and matching it to the song and its meaning. Glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      • Durs says:

        Thank *you* for the opportunity! It’s a wonderful song, my personal favourite on the album and it was an absolute pleasure to edit/work on this video 🙂

        • Mira Morningstar says:

          Thank you so much Rich! I can’t wait for our next podcast and maybe more videos in future too! 🙂

  • Aaron Wilson says:

    Another perfect gem. All aspects of the song and video is just beautiful. I can easily listen and be transported into Mira’s realm any time.

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