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Frequently featured in FAE MAGAZINE, for her enchanting music and fantasy-inspired imagery, Mira Morningstar infuses haunting vocals into ethereal, often darker sound worlds. One of her most recent collaborations include “Squaring the Circle”, by former Dead can Dance percussionist Peter Ulrich.
Her fans describe her music as dreamy, magical and soothing. Mira’s vocals are often compared to legendary singers, such as Lisa Gerrard and Tarja Turunen.
In short, if you’re a fan of Dead can Dance, Cocteau Twins, Grimes, Kate Bush and similar artists, Mira Morningstar is a must have for your collection.

REALM OF THE UNICORNS takes you on a journey far away from the stresses of the human world. Escape and find sanctuary in hypnotic, soothing melodies. A wonderful companion for your downtime activities, whether you’re crafting and illustrating, breathing and meditating or enjoying that well-deserved, soothing bath…

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