Dressing up as Princess Petal – featured in FAE Magazine!

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Ah, I’ve been waiting for some time to share this with you and needless to say I’m honored and excited! Here is a shot of my collaboration with fantasy couture and LA-based designer Firefly Path.
She created this dreamy “Princess Petal Gown” with unicorn accessories and sent them to me a few months back for photo shoots and a music video (stay tuned for the video and brand new song in the works!)

Photos were taken by Caeli Lohr, aka expLOHR, who braved the cold with me.
Yes, it was absolutely freezing and below zero degrees. We ventured out on a February afternoon and I had to take regular breaks to warm up with some hot ginger tea.

Throughout this shoot I kept imagining it was Spring. They say warm thoughts help and that’s definitely true! Needless to say, this was so absolutely worth it.

Is it strange that I enjoy pushing my boundaries so much? Have you ever pushed your limits to create or experience something? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

Love and Unicorns,
Mira xxx


Photo by expLOHR and edited by me.
You can grab your copy of the magazine here: https://www.thefaeshop.com/product/fae-issue-46/


  • Giancarli says:

    Effectivement très jolie et à propos ça donne de la fierté en quelques sortes certes je n’ai pas été le premier à suivre les premiers pas artistiques mais que de progrès tout de même entre les nouvelles chansons et plusieurs CD déjà et les Unes de magazines la reconnaissance qui grandie le succès aussi oui ça ravis le cœur et l’âme ça émerveille merci beaucoup Mira <3

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Thank you so much for being part of this magical music journey and for sticking around all these years! Honored to create art for you my dear friend <3

      Merci beaucoup de faire partie de ce voyage musical magique et de rester toutes ces années! Honoré de créer de l'art pour vous mon cher ami <3

      • Giancarli says:

        Bonjour Mira
        Non pas que ce ne soit que pour moi mais avant tout pour toi chère amie petite grande fée et c’est un honneur un grand merci beaucoup
        Bien à toi toujours et à tes proches ainsi qu’à Mr Snu et Ms Midnight <3
        Love and Unicorns

  • Sophie Longdon says:

    I absolutely love this photograph. It’s really ethereal and magical. Your efforts braving the cold really paid off.

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