• How do you pronounce “Mira” ?
    It’s “Mee-rah”
  • How do you get your hair so pink and sparkly?
    I eat roses and raspberries under the full moon each month…
    And when that doesn’t work:

    I bleach my dark brown roots every 4-6 weeks with Directions 30 vol. lightener.
    I let the bleach develop for around 30 mins, until my hair is golden blond – then rinse and wash my hair (no conditioner at this stage).
    Then I mix Directions’  “Carnation Pink” with a very tiny amount of  “Atlantic Blue” and some conditioner. Starting at my roots again, I apply the colour onto my towel dried, damp hair.
    Developing time for the colour depends on how pressed for time I am, usually anything from 25-50 mins. I then rinse and dry my hair and add a few drops of rose and argan oil to        make it smooth and shiny.
    The sparkle strands I often wear are tied in by my local friend Emerald Heart @hairbyemeraldheart
  • Do you want to collaborate?
    Currently I’ve got a few projects on the go but get in touch and fire me an email.
  • Got any shows coming up?
    At the moment I’m focused on my studio work but I’d love to come see you!
    Message me where you are and be sure to subscribe to my mailing list, so I can keep you up to date.
  • How do you make your music?
    Somewhere in a unicorn cave, they have nice equipment there and don’t charge much… I’ve got a humble little home studio and record and mix everything here. Just me, my keyboard, plug-ins and my parrot Snu.