Happy National Unicorn Day!

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Dress & Accessories by Firefly Path, Photo by expLOHR

Every day is Unicorn Day in my world, of course – but today is National Unicorn Day!

It feels like the perfect time to share some stories behind the “Realm of the Unicorns”.

This album offers a portal to another world, telling little tales in between.

Something created out of desperation, really.

You know there are times in your life, when everything hits you all at once?

In the middle of relocating to Glastonbury, one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer and passed away quite rapidly. And a close family member moved to another country.

There was a lot to process and to juggle – needless to say this was an emotionally exhausting time.

But there was more to come.

Excited to have just completed a course in music production, which took a few years of training, things suddenly took a nose dive, when I suffered an attack from a stranger.

Walking home and in conversation with a friend, I didn’t notice there was a car creeping up from behind.

A guy with an air horn in his hand, carefully edging his way up to me, until he was close enough to blow it right into my ear.

I jolted up in agony and the car sped off. I was left with anxiety and ringing in my ear, as well as muffled hearing.

Would the ringing ever stop?

What about the ability to make or even just enjoy music?

Why did every sound suddenly feel so, so painful?

My doctor put me on steroids and a waiting list to see an ENT. But the list was so long.

Waiting was the worst, all this uncertainty! And the more time had passed, the more anxiety grew inside of me too.

After six months of intense stress and emotional pain, finally my name moved up on the list.

The good news: after some hearing tests, the ENT reassured me that my ears were not damaged and had fully recovered.

However I was suffering from hyperacusis (over sensitivity to sound), PTSD and anxiety, which caused my tinnitus. She said it was my brain’s own little alarm bell going off constantly.

In order to heal, I needed to learn to stop clenching my jaw and rewire my stressed brain. Her recommended treatment was simply daily meditation.

“You have the power to heal yourself. I could prescribe you various pills, if you wanted me to. But they wouldn’t treat the root cause”.

Her approach and advice was truly empowering and installed so much hope.

Exploring different ways of meditating, I stumbled upon a guided unicorn meditation on Youtube. (Which seems to have mysteriously vanished since!)

After listening to it, I felt a calling to create a new album. Inspired by the purity and healing properties attributed to the unicorn.

When almost every sound is painful, it’s a real challenge. I needed just the right sounds to mask the tinnitus and provide relief and relaxation (as to my ENT’s advice).

So basically an escape. A portal away from all this pain.

Something created with the purest intentions. Something soothing, yet immersive.

Each time I chose a sound and worked on a composition, I invited the spirit of unicorns to come and join me. Having a calm mindset and the best intentions were crucial in creating this.

Months after meditating daily, something happened: silence! The tinnitus had disappeared! Something I did not think was possible. You can probably imagine the sheer relief and happy tears were flowing.

Since releasing “Realm of the Unicorns“, immense positive feedback has come flooding in from you guys.

Many of you use it as relaxing background music, to chill out after a long day or to compliment a magical bath time.

Others also like to meditate or practice yoga whilst listening to this. And some of you like to draw or do crafts to this. This made it all worth it. Knowing that this helps others relax and escape.

Thank you for being part of this realm.

No matter what life may throw at you, just know that there is power and magic inside of you, waiting to be unleashed…

A little more about each track:

Pegasus and I

The beginning of your journey. You’re on the back of a beautiful Pegasus, taking you away to another realm.
This track is a little more lively to begin with, to grab a busy mind’s attention.

Lilac Waterfalls

Upon your arrival to this new, magical land, you wash yourself in the lilac waters of the realm. Carefully, you let go of everything that doesn’t serve you.
You feel refreshed and reborn.

River Cave Sunset

After a beautiful walk along the lilac rivers, the skies begin to darken and paint the clouds. You stumble upon a beautiful, ancient cave and decide to take a rest deep inside.
This song was based on a lucid dream I had, in which I met a unicorn in a cave.

Moonlight Bridge

Night has now fallen over this tranquil realm and you decide to emerge from your cave to explore the nocturnal lands.

The stars above you, gently twinkling and guiding your way, as you walk to a little clearing in the woods…here it is, the secret hiding place of the unicorns.

Can you smell the lavender flowers and fresh, nocturnal breeze?

Once you have connected with the unicorns, you then gaze upon the moon and find a bridge leading right up!

Twilight Walk

This is a gentle wake-up call. You decide to return to your own realm, knowing that you can revisit these magical lands whenever your heart desires…

Love and Unicorns,
Mira xxx

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming that my music cures any ailments. This post is about personal experience tailored advice from a healthcare professional. What worked for me, might not work for you, so please seek professional help if you need it.


  • Roly Livesey says:

    You are One heck of a Magical Lady Mira. Just reading about your chosen songs let’s you fade away into this other world.

    • Mira Morningstar says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Roly!
      The magic is in all of us, sometimes we just need a little help to realise it 🙂

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