Little Love Letter <3

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So Valentine’s is a weird one, right?

Some of us really love it, others can’t stand it and see it as commercial, tacky nonsense.

To me it’s what you make of it and I like any excuse to celebrate love in all forms. It’s not just about romantic connections.

Whether it’s your companionship with your furry (or feathered in my case) friend, human friendships, family…the list is endless. And self-love should be included too. I’m going to attempt to quieten my inner critic for example, just for the day and see if I can actually do it! And then I might treat myself to some rose-flavoured chocolate 🙂

I know this time is tough for many of us, especially those going through breakups or loss. Also for single people who feel lonely and even couples often just feel the pressure is on and a romantic time has to happen. And to top it all off, we’re also sailing through a pandemic. Good times.

So if you feel lonely, sad, anxious, disconnected or any other unpleasant things, I’m here to send you a virtual hug!

Try to make the most of it and treat yourself or others to snacks and wonderful things, even if it’s just some loving words.

Thank you for being here, I really appreciate and love all of you!

Love and Unicorns,
Mira xxx


Photo and remix by expLOHR

Gown and accessories by Firefly Path


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