Is this a spirit caught on camera?

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This video wasn’t even meant to be shared! Excuse the bad light, boring background and unflattering angle. Also, my little phone mic can’t quite cope with how loud my voice gets at times This was only intended for my own reference (I often record myself singing to track my progress.  And currently I’m trying to […]

Happy Solstice!

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Happy Solstice and holiday season, my dear friends! As the days are getting longer, may we live through much, much brighter times! So another crazy year is coming to an end – I honestly don’t know where the time has gone! A lot of us have lost loved ones, others are simply exhausted with the […]

The Excurse Podcast

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Talking about music, video games and veganism with my dear friend Rich of Durs Productions!    

With a piece of the Moon, you’re never out of Stars

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved both my music and the little felted unicorns I created for an Etsy shop, which I had many moons ago. After an exchange of lots of lovely messages with her, she said “Oh how I wish we could be friends”. The tone of this message […]

The Chronicles of Podcast Interview

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It was such an honour to be a guest on this show! 

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