Disciple of the Cloud – Official Music Video


NEW Album “Curious Forest Spirits” is OUT NOW: www.miramorningstar.co.uk-shop-2 Princess of Petal Gown and Unicorn Crown by Firefly Path www.fireflypath.com Video (Tor footage) shot by Caeli Lohr, aka expLOHR: explohr.bandcamp.com Edited by Durs Productions: www.dursproductions.com Curious Forest Spirits album cover by Joseph Hunwick Photography josephhunwick.photoshelter.com

Black Feather Lane


Although I’m so fortunate to live in magical Glastonbury, I do miss the woods sometimes. I don’t drive and haven’t been on public transport since the lockdowns in order to protect someone I live with…but this post isn’t about the virus at all, don’t worry! It’s about a strange little adventure and following nature, which […]