Black Feather Lane


Although I’m so fortunate to live in magical Glastonbury, I do miss the woods sometimes. I don’t drive and haven’t been on public transport since the lockdowns in order to protect someone I live with…but this post isn’t about the virus at all, don’t worry! It’s about a strange little adventure and following nature, which […]

Honoured to be a guest on The Tattness Podcast!

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Sometimes you just have a conversation with someone and it sparks an instant friendship! Keith “Tattness” McCleary is an MMA Fighter, Author, Tattoo Artist, Actor and CEO of Tattness Co. Clothing and one of the coolest, kindest people I’ve ever met. I was so honoured to be a guest on his podcast, which is an […]

Happy National Unicorn Day!


Every day is Unicorn Day in my world, of course – but today is National Unicorn Day! It feels like the perfect time to share some stories behind the “Realm of the Unicorns”. This album offers a portal to another world, telling little tales in between. Something created out of desperation, really. You know there […]

What I did last Full Moon…


I don’t know why but it seems my creativity flows best in the light of the moon. Maybe it’s because I was born on a full moon? Anyway, so many of you loved my short little song “Meadow Walk“, that I decided to include an extended version on my new album! Here is some rough […]

The Magic of the Mind


So this post is a little different to the rest, apologies in advance if it doesn’t resonate but I hope it inspires something good, even if just one of you needs to read it. I think it’s important to chat a little about mental health in these times (currently in lockdown #3 over here in […]

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