With a piece of the Moon, you’re never out of Stars

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved both my music and the little felted unicorns I created for an Etsy shop, which I had many moons ago.

After an exchange of lots of lovely messages with her, she said “Oh how I wish we could be friends”. The tone of this message in particular really touched me, there was an instant connection and we had so much in common. I just sensed it immediately and said “Well, let’s be friends then!”.

This was the beginning of a six year long friendship. We were very close and she would come to visit me in Glastonbury once or twice per year.

We both loved the moon, the stars, fantasy, unicorns and wished we could live somewhere in a forest. Those were just some of the things we shared and often talked about.

She was one of the loveliest, most caring people I had ever met. Although she was quiet and shy, it didn’t mean she wasn’t listening. Quite the opposite. I remember once jokingly saying to her that I wish I had a piece of the moon. On my next birthday, she gifted me a vial necklace with real moon dust!

Or this other time, she noticed I wasn’t really wearing enough on our wintery walks, she made me a beautiful scarf, embellished with little star beads.

This one sentence she wrote in a message to me sparked part of a song I didn’t know I would wind up writing a few years later: “I’m almost finished with my crochet project for you, I’m just out of stars at the moment.”

There was something poetic in “being out of stars” and we joked that it should become a saying of some sort.

So this song is written in her loving memory. Click the link below to download it for free.

“With a piece of the Moon, you’re never out of Stars”

May the unicorns look after her and bless her beautiful soul.

Mira xxx


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